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The faster and cheaper reproduction of texts made possible the penetration of written culture, thanks to its print-on social media which were traditionally outside. The printing press in the history opened the possibility of the proliferation of texts in a time when book publishing was restricted.

The steam engine 1628
 The steam engine was the start of the Industrial                             Revolution that drives today. In the steam   engine underlying the First Industrial Revolution since the late eighteenth century in England  and from almost mid-nineteenth century  portentously accelerating the economic  development of many of the major states of Western Europe and the United States, only at the interface that occurred between 1890 - 1930 the steam-driven coal gave way to other internal combustion engines, those driven by petroleum hydrocarbons.

Washing machine 1901
 "One of the first inventions of the last century, and that would revolutionize the housework was the washing machine in the United States. The first electric washing machine appeared in 1901, thanks to Alva Fisher, who with a motor spun a drum, but did not patent his invention until 1910.The use of the machine became popular when electricity became a commonly used service. Currently, new models have time programmers and computer sensors that control the speed, weight, temperature, etc.

 Electric cash register 1906
The electric cash register paved the way for transactional data collection and analysis, which led to the modern techniques of predictive modeling and control of inventory.

Tractor 1907
The introduction of the field meant for entry into the modern era. Using this machine is able to allow in a few hours, a job that took several days to the farmer. In 1907 Henry Ford began manufacturing tractors in series with auto components, which he named Fordsons, which had great success and was exported to Europe after the Second World War.

Armored truck 1920
Allowed to be transported large sums of money with greater confidence, leading to increased movement of money.

Penicillin 1928
Discovery has had a tremendous impact on medicine from the hands of Alexander Flemming, who actually discovered it by accident, after a casual remark in one of his bacterial cultures.

Barcode 1952     
Developed initially for railways to identify cars which could hang locomotive soon migrated to the UPC system we all know, meeting the demand of supermarkets to find a solution to automate the boxes.

Internet 1969
Is one of the greatest inventions of mankind of all time. It has allowed to unite cultures, create a whole new way of doing business, reinvented what it means to “gather information” and thousands of other uses but that arise every day.

Mobile phone 1973

Initially this need is largely reinforced during the Second World War, where the situation required it to take a communication system allowing remote communication and distance from the war fronts. By then, Motorola created the first device called Handie Talkie (used for war.)

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